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Dear Friends,

We are very sorry to have to announce that due to the latest advice on Coronavirus we have made the difficult decision to review the scheduling of our upcoming work. If you are a ticketholder for any of the below events, please feel reassured that you will be emailed very soon:

I Believe in Unicorns:  All upcoming performances of ‘I Believe in Unicorns’ have been cancelled, including the two shows at Emmanuel Hall on the 4th April at 2pm and 5.30pm.

St Thomas Stories; The Show:  All show dates will be rescheduled –  Information about future dates will be released when we know more.

School Children as Theatre Audiences: The Symposium will be rescheduled –  Information about future dates will be released when we know more.

We are extremely disappointed to have to cancel/reschedule the events above and are sorry for any inconvenience caused but we want to ensure we put the safety of all our audiences first.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Stay safe and we send you our best,

The Theatre Alibi Team

ST THOMAS STORIES – Would you like to join the show?


Theatre Alibi are looking for some of our St Thomas friends to join our May 2020 performances, could this be you?

You might have heard of, or even joined us at, our St Thomas Stories  pop-up exhibition in October 2019. The event took place here at our home, Emmanuel Hall, and attracted over 1000 visits. Photos and objects of St Thomas were shared with the local community and everyone was invited to contribute their own stories; whether it was by adding labels to photos or having their story recorded for our archive of oral histories. We now have the exciting task of making a show, inspired by the stories that emerged. The performances will take place here at Emmanuel Hall from the 15th to the 23rd of May 2020.

The show will include elements of the stories we have collected and will be performed by a cast of professional actors. Part of the performance will also see some of our St Thomas community on the stage. Could this be you?

This is open to EVERYONE  over the age of 16, no matter what your physical abilities or your experience might be. If St Thomas is close to your heart, then come and join us…

If you’d like to find out more we will be holding a free taster session on Saturday the 8th of February from 2pm – 3.45pm here at Emmanuel Hall. Hosted by choreographer Jane Mason, alongside Theatre Alibi’s Artistic Director Nikki Sved, this session will draw on some of the stories of St Thomas (including maybe your own) and explore ways these might be shared with an audience. It will give you a clear idea of what might follow and allow you to decide whether you would like to join us for more sessions and as part of the performing team in May…

As with any Theatre Alibi event, there will be tea and cake.

If you do choose to commit more time following the taster session you will be looking at 2 more sessions before rehearsals start and will then be expected to join the actors for 2 rehearsal sessions.

The show will run from the 15th to the 23rd of May with a potential of 15 performances – you will not be expected to participate in every single one but should keep this in mind if you did choose to sign up.

To join us for the taster session email annie@theatrealibi.co.uk with your name and contact details, or give us a call on 01392 217 315. And if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to get in touch.

We’d love for you to join us!

Back Stage Theatre Sale!

1pm – 6pm Monday 27th January

9am – 11:30am Tuesday 28th January

Theatre Alibi are having a clear out!

A selection of technical, set and costumes items will be on sale at Emmanuel Hall. Pop in and see what we have. Some will even be free to a good home!

Items will include:

  • Furniture
  • Props
  • CD and Mini disk players
  • Projectors
  • Miscellaneous tech kit and parts
  • Costumes

You can also:

  • Browse our tech and costume hire stores
  • Look around our hire-able spaces
  • Have a cup of tea!
  • Meet the team

A Few Words from our Artistic Director,NikkI Sved

We are dreadfully sad to pass on the news that Ali Hodge, who co-founded Theatre Alibi, has died. Ali was Joint Artistic Director of the company from 1982-1990.

“Ali was wonderful. She was strong, clever, brave, incisive, talented and kind.  I think of her determinedly leading us on daily runs for our rehearsal warm ups. We would make our way through the local park, linking arms and puffing in time. We must have looked a sight, but she was carefully putting into practise precious lessons learned during her research with the Polish company, Gardzienice.  There was an exciting sense of venturing into the unknown in the work that we created in the years following that training. Ali had made her mark. She had a confidence and clarity of thought that sang out in the rehearsal room. You could trust Ali to get to the nub of an issue and to carefully encourage an actor to give a bold and truthful performance. She had a serious thoughtfulness, but she also had a brilliant laugh. And Ali was a pioneer. She and Tim started the company from their living room.  She had such a steadfast belief in what she was doing and it was infectious. Before long they’d been given funding and a home in Emmanuel Hall, where the company still resides. It was Ali and Tim who first took Alibi’s shows into Devon primary schools, championing the fundamental importance of taking a brilliant story, put skilfully on its feet, to people who might otherwise never get to see such a thing. And, since then, hundreds of thousands of children have experienced a Theatre Alibi show in their school. It’s a very special legacy and we have been so, so proud to have continued the work that Ali and Tim began. She remained a supportive friend to the company and this week, as we take “I Believe in Unicorns” into packed school halls, I shall be thinking of brilliant Ali and all that she made happen.”

Nikki Sved, Theatre Alibi’s Artistic Director