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“The St Thomas Project”

By various artists

“The St Thomas Project” (working title) is a piece we are working on which will take place here in our home at Emmanuel Hall in May 2020.

The project started off as “The Exeter Project”, but once our writer, Daniel Jamieson, started looking at the history of St Thomas we realised we couldn’t move much further.

With a propensity to flooding St Thomas has a fertile history. It was where a lot of the “less desired” industries were shoved to keep them away from the city centre. It was also where lots of the fun was had; the first Theatre in Exeter, the fair, the speedway… Its community welcomed the Black GIs during the war and housed most of the exiled children. The place is bursting with stories.

And celebrating those stories is what we are focusing on with this project. In October we will be hosting a Story Shop here at Emmanuel Hall; a temporary local exhibition to which we will be inviting all our St Thomas neighbours to share their objects, and their stories. These will form the beginning of a digital archive as well as the inspiration to the event which will take place here in 2020.

For the final “perfomance” we will be collaborating with a number of artists throughout the South West and transforming Emmanuel Hall for a week in May next year. It’s a blank canvas for now, first we need to hear some stories…

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